What Happens Next?

The Messenger is about to be published!!! This event has been hovering on the horizon for so long I am having trouble believing the time is here. At the beginning of the movie, The Kite Runner, I remember the author opening a box of his books that just arrived. Taking a book out of the box, holding it in his hands. I tried to imagine at the time how that would feel. And I thought, “Some day…”

Well that day is almost here. I am sure my husband is relieved. He has proofread the book so many time he could probably recite it by heart. He claims to have enjoyed each reading–now that’s true love. I really have been blessed by having such great support from all my family and friends. I can’t thank them enough.

I look forward to the launch and hope to make new friends and meet many more book lovers on the tour. My next novel is well underway so I will be juggling my commitments as well as having the time of my life.

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