I am a freelance writer and author who is working on her second novel, WINTER’S PROMISE. I learned with my first book, THE MESSENGER, that an author must also be a publicist. Since much of my time is spent hunched over a keyboard, I welcome the chance to meet and communicate with fellow writers and readers.

I spent over twenty years in the corporate world in jobs ranging from programmer to business analyst. Writing has always been part of my job description, be it software requirements, user guides, or marketing presentations. I wrote fiction on the side with an ultimate dream of penning a novel. 

I lived and travelled extensively in the Middle East which gave me perspective on the culture and the people. Books abound with Arab terrorists and I wanted a new twist so I decided to create an Arab protagonist.

I read a wide variety of books including classics, biographies, history, and all manner of fiction. I require compelling characters and interesting settings that transport me from everyday life. I hope I achieved doing that in THE MESSENGER.

Always intrigued by different cultures and time periods, my fascination began with a childhood novel that took place in ancient Egypt. I love to travel. when I am unable, books fill the need. I prefer history to fantasy, but if the story is good enough, like the Harry Potter series, I can be hooked.

My published works include short fiction and essays for literary journals, magazines, and newspapers. I currently do freelance work along with my personal writing.

Thank you for visiting my site and I welcome your comments and observations. K.M. Deal

2 thoughts on “Author

  1. So great meeting you and Phil this afternooon at the AWC picnic… And thanks fore the top about Holly Theatre! Can’t wait tro start sharing my Lost Colony backstage stories with you. Bill

  2. Ms. Deal, Thank you so much for your article on The Sound of Music. I have shared it will several folks on my Facebook page. I commented three times on the page. This was sort of an accident! The first post was made from my FB page. Then my daughter Shari attempted to comment from her FB page but it came up from mine again! I tried to delete it but couldn’t figure out how. Then I felt like I needed to explain, thus the third post. I’m a bit embarrassed! Still, Shari is correct that White Interiors deserves a shout-out. They sponsored every aspect of the show and it would never have happened without them!….Neva

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